Renewed Humanism

is a humanism that looks toward a sustainable, equitable, and harmonious future for all planetary life

“Humanism”, born roughly half a millennium ago, refers to a set of social, artistic, and philosophical perspectives broadly based upon the egalitarian aims of widespread learning, intellectual freedom, and individual expression with a substantial revaluation of the human being as the pivot of the universe. 

The ‘Renewed Humanism’ of The Club of Florence investigates and extends those thought processes to the current context of the Anthropocene. 

In this new geophysical epoch, all human, biological and terrestrial systems are defined by deep states of stress and fragility catalyzed primarily by human activity. 

Man can no longer afford to be the centre of the universe but must be part of a harmonious system for a sustainable future of the entire ecosystem. 

As viewed through the ‘Florence lens’, the way forward is via the routes described by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which includes empowering women and disadvantaged peoples; eliminating war and poverty, and creating universal access to food, water and energy; and reversing climate change and ecosystem destruction.