The Club of Florence will work on 3 main impact areas

The Knowledge Center

The CoF will stay ahead of the curve with ideas, trends, and technologies that shape the transition to low-carbon and resilient societies, applying the lens of Renewed Humanism to multiple interlinked sectors and areas.

The CoF will:

  • Offer On-demand and tailored services to its members on topics related to carbon markets, energy, climate adaptation, risk transfer and environmental protection (water, air and earth);
  • Develop Knowledge products where there is demand from its stakeholders on several themes such as new technologies, organic and sustainable agriculture, housing, clean air, adaptive capacity and other sectors.

The Florence Net-0 Platform

The CoF will act as a catalyzer of a broad range of stakeholders, who are leaders and decision-makers in industries, public and private organizations and financial institutions.

The CoF will

  • Organize an annual TEDx event inviting individuals from all over the World who, at different levels, are making a difference with their actions on their communities or the entire planet;

  • Coordinate a network composed of high-level personalities and lead experts who shaped the policies and the financial landscape of environmental and social actions at the international level;

  • Produce and broadcast a regular Podcast Series on themes related to Renewed Humanism;

  • Host the Florence Award for Renewed Humanism, recognizing exceptional individuals who, with their actions, have made remarkable contributions to achieving the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The CoF Academy

The CoF will support youth, students, senior executives and professionals in building their knowledge and professional skills in ESG investing, ecosystem management, energy and food security, among other sectors.

The CoF will

  • Partner with universities to deliver exclusive and high-quality seminars and courses for students who see their career development in the sustainability sectors;

  • Organize executive-level short courses to senior-level decision-makers and ESG professionals who need to expand their knowledge of sustainable investing rapidly;

  • Deliver the CoF iLearn: a cutting the edge technological platform for delivering training affordably and at scale.
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