Making a Positive Impact

The Club offers services to deepen understanding of net zero. While not a consultancy, the Club provides a scientific framework and advisory sessions to leadership teams for comprehensive analysis and strategic decision-making.

CoF Academy

Senior Executive Trainings

The scientific committee members meticulously select partnerships with prominent institutions, focusing on specific areas of expertise. With our partners, we develop intensive courses tailored to train sustainability managers, ESG professionals, financial market experts with a keen interest in the carbon market, and individuals seeking to enhance their professional acumen in climate finance.

Corporate Net Zero

Strategy Guidance/Talks

Navigating the intricate landscape of net zero strategies can be daunting. However, we are here to assist by offering our expert opinion and guidance in these challenging domains. Our distinguished scientific committees are composed of top-level experts, and we provide firsthand information, rigorous verification, and invaluable, trusted opinions. We strive to equip you with the necessary tools to confidently navigate complex spaces, ensuring you have access to reliable insights that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Thematic Round Tables

active debate or discussion

We offer a unique service where we facilitate round table discussions centred around the specific interests of our members. These round tables serve as engaging platforms to stimulate in-depth deliberations on various topics, such as the sustainability and resilience of industries like fashion or food. Under the supervision of our trusted scientific committee, these discussions bring together industry experts, thought leaders and our members to promote meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas. The outcome of these collaborative sessions is the production of valuable white papers. 

These white papers distil the insights and recommendations generated during the round table discussions, offering a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities within the respective industries.By combining the expertise of our Scientific Committee with the practical knowledge and experiences of industry professionals, we aim to provide actionable strategies and innovative solutions that drive transformative progress.