Welcome & Keynote: “Envisioning a Sustainable Future”

The Club of Florence will set the stage for an enlightening afternoon ahead, providing a glimpse into the transformative concepts explored in upcoming panels. From renewed humanism to transition finance to innovations, our intention is to inspire, provoke thinking, and foster a spirit of debate, dialogue, and exploration. SPEAKERS: Manuel-Pulgar Vidal and Augusto Lopez Claro

Panel #2: “Road to the G7: accellerating the Net-Zero Transition”

Mark Carney, Italian state officials, and representatives from banks and institutions discuss the challenges of the upcoming G7 Italian presidency and global warming. Starting in January 2024, amidst global uncertainties, the presidency grapples with the instability of globalization, conflicting competition, and protectionism. This session explores the volatile nature of relations between international markets and political…

Panel #1: “Transition Finance”

This panel will explore concrete steps taken by financial entities, including Sovereign Wealth Funds, pensions, and banks, on the path to Net Zero. This session will present practical examples and insights into the strategies, risk management, and collaborative initiatives adopted by major institutions. We will showcase how the financial sector drives sustainable practices and contributes…

Fireside Chats

1-hour session featuring three dynamic fireside chats with industry leaders. We will explore cutting-edge perspectives on innovation, investment strategies, and global trends. A unique opportunity to gain valuable insights from Tom Soto, Harbour Vest, Ambienta and Bloomberg.

Closing Remarks

The President and Board of the Club of Florence announce the upcoming year’s distinguished awardees. The session encapsulates appreciation for enriching the community and looks forward to continued inspiration and growth until the next gathering. SPEAKERS: Demetrio Innocenti, Club of Florence, Board Member