Registration & Welcome

Gates open for registration in the Chiostro of Michelozzo. Once registered for the event, guests will be able to visit the building and have access to Sven Gillsater’s photo exhibition titled ‘Images of Hope – Connecting Photography, Awareness, and Diplomacy.

Welcome & Keynote: “Envisioning a Sustainable Future”

The Club of Florence will set the stage for an enlightening afternoon ahead, providing a glimpse into the transformative concepts explored in upcoming panels. From renewed humanism to transition finance to new innovations, our intention is to inspire, provoke thinking, and foster a spirit of debate, dialogue, and exploration. Augusto Lopez Claros will share his…

Panel #1: “Net-Zero Transition Planning and the Vital Role of Private Finance”

It explores the vital role of private finance in achieving net-zero goals within a high-level panel. It features Mark Carney and Italian Net-Zero Sector-Specific Alliance members from leading institutions like Intesa Sanpaolo, UniCredit, and Generali Group. Panelists will discuss how private finance is steering the world towards a sustainable, net-zero future through collaborative efforts.

Panel #2: “Road to G7: The Path to Transition”

Mark Carney, Italian state officials, and representatives from banks and institutions discuss the challenges of the upcoming Italian presidency. Starting in January 2024, amidst global uncertainties, the presidency grapples with the instability of globalization, conflicting competition, and protectionism. This session explores the volatile nature of relations between international markets and political institutions, shedding light on…

Closing Remarks

The President and Board of the Club of Florence express announce the upcoming year’s distinguished awardees. The session encapsulates appreciation for enriching the community and looks forward to continued inspiration and growth until the next gathering.