March 20, 2024

The Florence Award for Renewed Humanism and Conference

Location: Palazzo Vecchio, Salone de’500

The Florence Award for Renewed Humanism and Conference on March 20, 2024, is set to take place at the historical Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei 500 in Florence. This esteemed event, orchestrated by the Club of Florence, serves as a platform to honor exceptional accomplishments in climate action. The Award Ceremony is a convergence of global leaders, local influencers, such as European Mayors leading initiatives for net-zero cities, and diverse representatives from various sectors.

Mark Carney, recognized for his pivotal contributions to climate finance, stands as the inaugural recipient, exemplifying pioneering efforts in the field. Notable figures from both public and private sectors, dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality, will convene, symbolizing a collective commitment to driving forward climate action.