March 20, 2024

Gala Dinner at Salone de’500

Location: Salone de' 500 - Palazzo Vecchio - Florence

The Gala Dinner at the Old Palace offers an evening of grandeur and elegance. Set within one of the world’s most magnificent architectural wonders; it provides an exclusive opportunity to dine in opulent halls filled with history and splendor.

At this prestigious event, internationally esteemed personalities grace the tables, fostering captivating conversations and a unique networking environment.

The Gala Dinner serves as a gathering for members and friends of the Club of Florence, providing a setting for connections and camaraderie. The evening commences with a charming aperitif in the Michelozzo Cloister, creating an atmosphere rich in cultural allure and sophistication.

Experience a seamless blend of history, art, and conviviality within the enchanting surroundings of the Palazzo Vecchio, making this Gala Dinner an extraordinary and memorable affair.